Cleaning 101: How to Take Care of Printed Circuit Boards?

A malfunctioning gadget often has problems with its wiring connections that are mainly found on the printed circuit board. Immediately, a user takes it to the technician, only to find out that it was covered with dust particles and just needs cleaning. This is why it is important to know the basics of how to clean a PCB.

A printed circuit board is a delicate object to handle. At a first glance, one might imagine the complexity of the wires interconnected and may rethink of cleaning it. However, a little knowledge, patience and skills are what you basically need to safely clean a PCB.

Many kinds of dirt and other particles can affect the functionality of the PCB. This means that a specific cleaning method is required for a specific scenario. To clean a printed circuit board, one must first identify what is the specific situation to be dealt with. It can either be a cover of dust, a corrosion of the metals inside, solder flux, etc., and there are various ways to clean them.

printed circuit boardFor dust particles covering the PCB, it is recommended to use a simple brush, depending on the board size. It can be an old toothbrush, a small paint brush, or even a vacuum brush. An automatic electronic vacuum designed for PCB can also be used. This is done by regulating the amount of air which is just enough to blow off the dust to avoid breaking the board.

The next that you should deal with is dirt mixed with sticky elements such as wax or oil. This scenario requires thorough cleaning because dust and other particles are easily attracted to oil or wax’s tackiness. To do so, examine the board first. Make sure to take note of the parts that should not be removed or should not come in contact with water. Reading a PCB manual is also helpful.

Second, undo any components that are plugged into the board. It can be unsoldered to be safe. For the cleaning of the board itself, obtain a solution of a non-phosphate cleaner which can be bought at supermarkets and put it on the board and leave for about 15 minutes. Slightly brush it and rinse with water thoroughly.

Let the board dry by carefully wiping water off or using an air compressing machine to let the water evaporate. Subject the board into heat to ensure that it gets dry. It is advisable to use an oven. Preheat the oven into about 75 degrees Celsius, then turn it off and put the board inside it overnight. When completed, inspect for any damage.

Corrosion is among the most serious problems one may encounter if the PCB is not cleaned properly and immediately. When a metal undergoes corrosion, a chemical reaction destroys it. The printed circuit board, which is made of copper, is not an exception. To deal with corrosion problems, identify first what is the initial cause. If a leaked battery is the source, use a mixture of water and baking soda. This will create a paste-like solution.

Softly rub a brush and leave it for 30 minutes. This will help stop the penetration of the acid from the battery; then clean start cleaning it. The cleaning method ideal for filthy and tacky particles can be directly applied if the reason for corrosion is water.

Solder flux is also a common problem. This is observed when a yellowish or brownish lump is seen. This flux is characterized as acidic, and thus can affect internal pins, traces, and other related circuits. This can be easily done by using professional and commercial cleaning brands. For a beginner, and those who want to maintain their boards often, an isopropyl or rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush can be used. Let it dry by wiping it with a clean towel.

Taking care of printed circuit boards is very important and everyone who owns a gadget must have a little bit of knowledge about the basics of cleaning it.

Beware of Fake Discount Golf Clubs

Consider this scenario: A person who is about to get his or her feet wet in the world of golf chances upon an attractive-looking golf club or set online. The first thing he or she prioritizes is the price of the club or set, since he or she knows that golf is an expensive sport and wants to take part in it even under a tight budget. But once the club or set arrives at the doorstep and the person tries it out, he will be disgruntled that the clubs he ordered do not live up to the expectations. To make the long story short, he was victimized by an offer of fake discount golf clubs.

Fake discount golf clubs are a major pain in the neck for both dissatisfied golfers as well as major well-known manufacturers of golf equipment. With the prevalence of Internet shopping, it is very easy for anyone to put out anything that is a knockoff of something else that is more recognized and pass it off as the real thing. More often than not, fake golf clubs are sold via eBay; and according to, 24% of clubs being sold there are counterfeits. There are also sites that exclusively sell fakes at ridiculously cheap prices. With these figures, one should not be surprised that as many as 2 million phony golf clubs are being made per year, with profits from selling those phonies reaching $6 billion.

Discount golf clubsDisenchanted consumers as well as their numerous sympathizers are at the forefront of the campaign against counterfeit clubs. They file disputes to credit card companies as well as PayPal, depending on the preferred method of payment. They flood the comments sections of online articles regarding fake clubs, helping each other with detective work such as tracing the site’s registration information. They recommend legitimate sites that left them satisfied with the real and affordable McCoys and will certainly look forward to doing business with them again. They set up websites that simply list the sites that are proven by firsthand accounts to sell bogus items and nothing else. However, those sites are as slippery as eels and still persist in deceiving unaware golf enthusiasts, snapping up domain after domain to serve as back-up sites if ever their main sites are shut down. But then, the consumers have much stronger allies to back them up in this protracted fight.

Some sites for trading of secondhand golf equipment are getting stricter in their anti-counterfeiting measures. They even have PGA-certified staff to closely inspect real and fake clubs when the layman or golf newbie does not have the experience and the keen eyes to do so.

Of course, major golf equipment manufacturers are fighting back. The U.S. Golf Manufacturers Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group was established in 2004 as an alliance of five famous manufacturers in order to “keep golf real”, according to the group’s official site. The group is closely coordinating with law enforcement agencies throughout the world to help stop the spread of fake clubs right at their sources.Due to those alliances, some sites that sell fake discount golf clubs were shut down and redirected to the group’s official site. The group is also extensively educating the uninitiated to not patronize the fakes.

The most important word of advice is to buy discount golf clubs from authorized dealers only. Always compare the authorized dealer certification on one selling site to the list furnished by the original manufacturer’s official site. Buying secondhand clubs is also a viable option, as they are affordable enough but are still of authentic quality. Those clubs are restored to their pristine conditions by expert craftsmen.

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Buy Prohormones from a Reliable Source to Avoid Side Effects

Prohormones provide the gains in size and strength together with the mental fierceness that you need to conquer the gym. Good diet and exercise plan is needed before using prohormones because there is no such supplement that can provide the gains in muscle that you need without having a good diet and exercise plan. It is also important that you buy prohormones only from reliable source.

The industry of prohormones has improved a lot since the DSHEA compliance law and the outcome of those changes are many. There are some misconceptions about prohormones and the side effects they have on the body. This article will deal with those misconceptions and the myths involved in prohormone use and its effects.

Prohormones are Much Safer Today

prohormonesThe liver processed the prohormones that enter the body, the way it process other substance or food you take. Once it enters the body, the liver converts it into the actual steroids. This is the reason why it is said to be safer as compared in the past. The substance is no longer methylated, thus they are no longer hepatoxic, which means they have less damaging effect on the liver. Make sure that you buy prohormones from a reliable source, if not you might experience harmful effects which is not present in reliable prohormones.

For those who are wondering if prohormones are actually steroids, the answer is yes and no. In its plain form the substance is considered as a supplement, but once it enters the body as mentioned above it is converted into the actual steroids and the user will achieve the same results that steroids provide.

The Effects of Prohormones

If you buy prohormones from a reliable source the effects are many and it varies from one person to another. Here are some of the common effects that you can expect from using prohormones:

  •  Increased strength
  •  Increased sex drive
  • Quick increase in muscle mass and weight gain
  • Increased in drive and focus in life

The Side Effects of Prohormones

Some people may experience side effects while the cycle of prohormones is going on. Since prohormones can affect your hormones, biochemistry and hormone levels some of the possible side effects are as follows:

  • Skin acne. This is only temporary and will subside when the cycle is completed and the body’s hormones are balanced.
  • Hair loss. This is less common with the today’s safe prohormones, but if you buy prohormones in its old form, you might experience this side effect.
  • Testicular shrinkage. This effect is also less prevalent with the present form of prohormones but some might still experience this. This is also temporary and will subside when the cycle is completed and the hormone are balanced.
  • Gynecomastia. This is an infamous side effect. This problem is not only related to prohormone use, but is something that a person should monitor, particularly those who are prone to estrogen response or those who are overweight, and taking any supplement. This can be solved by the use of natural, safe, legal AI’s and SERM’s during and once the prohormone cycle is completed.

The After Effects of Prohormones

If you are wondering if you need to control estrogen both and after cycle for best results and fast recovery, the answer is yes. This will optimize the cycle by controlling the estrogen and it will also help the natural production of testosterone while on cycle, thus limiting the shutdown, and compounding the outcomes.

Post Cycle Therapy or PCT

Keep in mind, when you take prohormones, they are converted to steroids in your body. This means adding exogenous testosterone, nadrolone, 1-testosterone and others in your body. This will cause your body to generate less natural testosterone during the cycle. You don’t have to worry while on the cycle but when the prohormone cycle is completed, you should take the necessary measures to help your body recover as fast as possible. You need PCT or post cycle therapy. If you were not able to implement PCT correctly, you may experience breast tissue growth or swelling, diminished mood or decrease in sex drive.

Logo Lanyards and Why Employees Love Them

Unlike in the previous centuries where workers were treated like cattle, the 21st century workplace is increasingly becoming more focused on the employees’ well-being. As a result, the words “work-life balance,” “employee satisfaction,” and “skills training and development” are now buzzwords when it comes to discussing a company’s overall value in the business community.

logo lanyardsThere are a number of ways for companies to make the workplace a lot more employee-friendly, and they range from small gestures to wider-reaching policies. Thus, one of the surprising ways for a company to boost employee morale happens to involve the distribution of logo lanyards.

Logo lanyards are much appreciated by employees for a variety of reasons, some of which are the following:

• They subtly instill a sense of pride when worn. This is especially true if the employee is working for a globally-acclaimed and prestigious company. Logo lanyards are both a highly-visible and affordable way for a company with a highly-recognizable logo or name to let their employees display their pride in a way that is neither too flashy nor too subtle.

Logo lanyards make certain security procedures much easier. Most companies require their employees to either flash their ID’s or swipe them at the main entry points to the office. Lanyards make it much easier for employees to get a hold of their ID’s since employees who wear them will no longer have to rummage in their pockets.

• Lanyards are useful in more ways than one. Apart from being a means of quick identification, some lanyards can handle multiple attachments with different uses. So, employees can attach certain hooks or clips that will allow them to use their lanyards to carry their mobile phones or other such gadgets along with their ID’s.

• In some companies, the lanyard can also be used to save a life. Military organizations usually issue lanyards that are also used to help secure a soldier’s weapon, and factories equip employees who operate heavy machinery with lanyards that can switch off a machine in case its operator falls unconscious at work. Hospitals or healthcare institutions, meanwhile, give their employees lanyards that have retractable ID holders to minimize the chances of employee ID cards coming into contact with any toxic substances.

• Logo lanyards can also bring about networking opportunities outside the office. Since lanyards can be worn with pretty much any outfit, employees don’t have to take them off immediately after work. Thus, the lanyards serve as wearable calling cards that identify their wearers as potential contacts in the companies they work for. And for the more socially-challenged, lanyards that bear the logos of prominent companies can also help them identify their fellow workers at a party or an event, thus providing them with a reason to approach someone they might be interested in.

• Lanyards are also good for boosting employee morale, or for encouraging them to support a company’s extra-curricular activities. Since a company can commission more than one design for lanyards, they can have limited-edition ones made for events like charity marathons or training conventions. The employees in charge of the events thus have an easier time generating attention for them.

• Lanyards can be an effective marketing or promotional tool for company salespeople. Since the company’s salespeople are the ones who are directly dealing with clients, they are usually eager for freebies that they can give away to entice customers. They especially love giveaways that are not only useful but are also symbols of their links to a great company. Thus, companies that commission lanyards for this purpose are helping their sales personnel stand out in the field.

SEO Services Can Create Leverage For Any Major Niche Today

Building websites used to take a long time, and professionals will testify to the notion. You used to have to not only spend a lot of time on the design elements, but you would have to deal with a variety of issues related to the world of marketing. Today, things have reversed a bit, and you no longer have to spend a lot of time building pages. In fact, some companies will help you build a website in a matter of minutes, and they are getting better and better. In some instances, you will not be able to tell the difference between a website that has been professional designed and one that has been built with templates and free hosting. With the ease of publishing, some people are seeing that their internet marketing collateral has also changed. You may find that in the past, you could get an easy placement within search engine land, but that’s not the case any longer. In fact, you’re going to find that your world can end up diminishing overall because you need to hire SEO Services to help you build an audience.

The Audience Doesn’t Just Show Up

First and foremost, you can’t just launch a website and see a lot of people show up to your page. Millions of people today assume that launching a site is all about design and that’s it. Yes, in the past, you could’ve set up a site and started to see a huge influence in traffic and without having to hire anyone. You can’t do that today, especially in some of the more crowded niches today. If you are going to try and leverage marketing to your benefit, and you’re not able to dissect things to help you gain any sort of prowess in the right arena, you’re going to end up losing out. Building an audience today takes a lot of time, and it requires you to look into several components that are on a professional edge. Without hiring professionals, your audience is going to be hit or miss to say the least. The sooner you realize that you need more than a nifty site to get influence online, the faster you’re going to be able to hire someone to help you gain leverage.

Traffic Is Not All The Same

Some people assume that if you don’t hire any SEO Services, you could still get a lot of traffic. That’s true, you could buy traffic from a variety of sources, and that’s a good thing. You can boost your numbers, which can in turn give you an ego boost, but you will not be able to get a lot of conversions that way. Websites that have a ton of traffic and yet aren’t really doing well in terms of ad sales, placements, or anything else, aren’t doing a good job overall. Traffic that you receive is not going to be the same as if you were to focus on hiring someone and building the right pieces overall. In fact, millions of people are finding out that you can’t just get any old traffic to your page and expect good results.

In order to gain leverage online, you will need to focus on building elements that are in line with professional grade services. That means that you need organic listings, and a lot more influence online to get traffic that converts. Remember, you want people to see your site and answer the call to action that you have in place. That is more than just a visitation, you need someone to buy something and more.

The Long Haul of SEO

SEO ServicesSearch engine optimization is not something that can be done fast and easily. You will need to focus on more than just one area to get anywhere online with this. You’re going to have to build on the notion of marketing collateral in the long term, or you will not see anything come to fruition. The problem that most people have with this, is that it’s not a part of the immediate gratification that comes with other technical elements. People today expect things to get done fast, and when paid for, the results should be immediate, but that’s not how search engine optimization works.

SEO today takes a lot of time to set up well, then it takes several months for each campaign to mature, and it could be upwards of a year before you become #1 in search results. It’s something that makes some people uncomfortable about investing into, but it’s the truth about optimization that many companies don’t want to disclose. In fact, there’s no “magic” bullet to the top of internet results, and that’s something that you should remember moving forward.

The Short Term Influence

There are some short term things that you can do to ensure that SEO Services are working for your benefit. It involves building content, and links. You want to work on link generation and content management to ensure that you’re building up your authority in time. When you build on the right authority measurements, you will get moving in the right direction overall. Just remember, this is not something that is isolated to one arena, you need professional help to get to the long term, even if the short term is working well.

SEO services offers constant focus on different things of marketing.